I've focused on building products to find ways to distribute my fundraising knowledge and scale its impact. The goal is to share free frameworks, tools, and insights as much as possible. At some point, a portion of this will evolve into some paid offerings so that I can devote even more of my time to this project.

Currently, I'm working directly with entrepreneurs on a limited basis.

All of this is a work in progress and am very open to feedback:
Hit me here -->@jayyeh

Fundraise Mgmt Tool

I'm happy to be able to translate my experience as a former VC investor and startup founder who has led successful fundraises into tools for you. This product is a Google Sheets based tool to help setup and manage fundraising for startups.This should be a great starting point to help you get organized, solicit help from your network, and keep you accountable. Get it here

Dilution Overview

This tool will help you understand the basics of dilution, generate a dilution sensitivity table (valuation and round size combinations), and plan for multiple rounds of fundraising and their total impact on your ownership. Get it here

Investor Outreach Pack (Guide + Lists)

Investor lists are popular...even more popular when they're segmented by category with a ton of metadata.  But lists are worthless if you don't know what to do with them

Grab this Investor Outreach Pack that includes over 20k investors as well as a step by step guide to executing your outreach. Get it here

How to: setup a CRM for your fundraise

One of the most impactful things anyone can do for a fundraise is setup a killer CRM system ASAP. Your CRM should be in place far in advance of formally kicking off a fundraise. If setup correctly, it will drive the preparation process as well as the live fundraise.

In this online workshop, I walked through the steps to setup an effective CRM using your tool of choice and begin driving results in your fundraise. Watch it here

The most common mistake in fundraising

Over the last few years I've observed hundreds of founders who are fundraising and compared notes with dozens of investors. There is a fairly common consensus around the most common way founders handicap their fundraises and it starts at the beginning.

In this workshop, I walked through what it is, why it's so detrimental, and how to avoid it. Watch it here

Superchargers for Future Fundraises

The biggest mistake first-time founders make around fundraising is not working on it soon enough.

It's usually 6 months before cash out and "oh shit, we better start planning to raise!"

My last fundraise in 2017 was (for its time) large and lightning quick, but it wasn't my deck that drove those results. It was work I had put in during the 10 years prior that greased the wheels.This product is a packet of well-defined projects designed to achieve what I did unintentionally over a decade in a few focused months. If you think you'll be raising in 6 months or more, you'll love these superchargers. Get it here

Ultimate Tech Setup for Zoom

This guide walks you through how you upgrade your pitches on Zoom by setting it up alongside a powerful free software tool called OBS.

OBS is primarily used in the entertainment industry and allows you to take control of your video camera and blend it with other windows.

Grab this written and video guide to make sure you can share your presentation without stumbling around permissions and ensure you're able to make great eye contact even if you're presenting a deck. Get it here

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