I've focused on building products to find ways to distribute my fundraising knowledge and scale its impact. The goal is to share free frameworks, tools, and insights as much as possible. At some point, a portion of this will evolve into some paid offerings so that I can devote even more of my time to this project.

Currently, I'm working directly with entrepreneurs on a limited basis.

All of this is a work in progress and am very open to feedback:
Hit me here -->@jayyeh

Fundraise Mgmt Tool

I'm happy to be able to translate my experience as a former VC investor and startup founder who has led successful fundraises into tools for you. This product is a Google Sheets based tool to help setup and manage fundraising for startups.This should be a great starting point to help you get organized, solicit help from your network, and keep you accountable. Get it here

Dilution Overview

This tool will help you understand the basics of dilution, generate a dilution sensitivity table (valuation and round size combinations), and plan for multiple rounds of fundraising and their total impact on your ownership. Get it here

UltimateĀ Tech Setup for Zoom

This guide walks you through how you upgrade your pitches on Zoom by setting it up alongside a powerful free software tool calledĀ OBS.

OBS is primarily used in the entertainment industry and allows you to take control of your video camera and blend it with other windows.

Grab this written and video guide to make sure you can share your presentation without stumbling around permissions and ensure you're able to make great eye contact even if you're presenting a deck. Get it here